About our efforts

Our main focus is promoting a personal relationship with Christ by way of sign, billboard, advertisement, media and our online efforts. We openly accept donations and assistance in the advancement of this ministry

Jesus did not charge money for his ministry..

We have faith the Lord will provide all the tools necessary. Therefore, we strive promote something that is free of charge and will bring anyone an abundance of wealth and knowledge. A personal relationship with Christ

We do this by bearing witness and displaying all sorts of signs.

  • Hand held signs
  • Yard Signs
  • Billboard
  • Online Ads
  • Video/Audio
  • Bumper stickers and Decals
  • Clothing
  • Literature

The Lord give us all creative unique gifts and on we ask you to share yours with us and our worldwide audience.

Join us today!


 "Follow me", said jesus. And I will make you fishers of men.

Twitter ~Matthew 4:19