Clean Your House. You Will have A Visitor! A Prophetic Sign

When you are expecting company, naturally one would want to have a nice presentable house for your Visitors.

How to prepare for the visitor:

  1. First thing you do when cleaning is Remove the Trash. Let go of whatever separates you from God and causes Sin. Worry, Idolatry, Sexual Immorality, Greed and Addiction are a few ways to spiritually start your cleaning.
  2. Wiping off and Dusting come next. So dust off that Bible. Dive in the Word and wipe your sins clean. Stay in the word and in prayer constantly. Let go of any Sin including any grudges you may still be holding on to inside or Debts you owe.
  3. Next task normally involves putting things back in there place. Organize Yourself and get involved with a Church. Get involved in a Ministry where you can use your gifts to glorify God and stay busy in the word and in your teachings.
  4. The Final touches. Now that everything is clean and tidy we need to make some final adjustments. just as we would fluff a pillow or straighten a picture. Stay busy making friends with unbelievers, Sinners and all those people those people that society throws away or tramples. Teach then the Gospel and show them the mercy and love of Christ. Go the extra mile that we may be sure everything is in order.

"And Dont Forget To Leave Your Light On"

While we are waiting for our visitor please help us in spreading this Sign in throughout your community, in your Yard, on Facebook or with a friend. Its helps this minisry and helps you to Spread the Signs of Christ.




 "Follow me", said jesus. And I will make you fishers of men.

Twitter ~Matthew 4:19